The purpose of this note is to give guidelines to the Network Co-ordinator in plarining the representation of the network Project at intemational conferences, seminars or workshops where the prior approval ofthe Cornmission is required. Prior approval is required in the case of events which take place outside the territory of the Member States and Associated States or a third country where a participant is established, unless provided for in Annex I to the contract.

The Cornmission wil.l agree to provide financial support for the network only when it involves the participation in a conference or similar event at a leading intemational level.

All requests must come via the Network Co-ordinator who is expected to group together requests for each individual event. Requests sent directly to the Cornmission fiom individual Participants will not be considered.

Requests must be accompanied by an estimate of the travel and subsistence costs (see attached forrn). These should be kept within reasonable limits using wherevér possible low-cost fares. If low-cost fares are not used, the Cornmission may grant only partial support for travel costs. When authorising a request, the Cornmission will always indicate a ceiling for the amount that can be charged against the contract.

  1. Requests that Will Norrnally be Accepted Automatically.

    All requests involving up to three persons will norrnally be accepted, providing (a) that all play an active role in the event (paper, poster, chairrnanship, etc.), (b) that all are there to represent the network as a whole, and (c) that all acknowledge the support of the Cornmunity Human Potential Programme in their presentations.

    If none of the persons attending an event is playing an active role, then a maximum of one person will automatically be accepted for charging to the network contract, provided that he is representing and reporting back to the network as a whole.

  2. Requests that May be Accepted in Exceptional Circumstances.

    Experience demonstrates that there will always be some requests that, in view of their specific characteristics, will merit a more flexible approach. Within this category, there are two dear cases, where approval may be given:

    • Requests that involve more than three participants, all ofwhom will play an active role in the event (on condition that they represent the network as a whole, and that each acknowledges the support ofthe Comrnunity Human Potential Programme in their presentation).
    • When the network takes advantage of the event to organise a formal network meeting at an overall cost comparable to holding such a meeting in the Community.

  3. Requests that Will be Systematically Rejected.

    The following classes ofrequest will be systematically rejected:

    • Requests for two or more persons where no-one will play an active role in the event.
    • Requests for persons who will represent only their own team involved in the network, and not the network as a whole.
    • Requests for missions that do not involve participation in a leading intemational event.
    • Mobility costs for persons not working in the teams ofthe network.