European RTN
Improved Hydrogen Sorption Kinetics
in New Magnesium Composites
for Clean Energy Storage and Transport
Kick-off Meeting
December 13, 2002
Salle de Séminaire
Grenoble, France

Network Short Title: H-Sorption in Mg
Contract N°: HPRN-CT-2002-00208

Starting Date: October 1, 2002
Duration: 36 Months

Meeting Programme
Morning Session
09:30 Coffee and presentations
09:50 10 minute introduction of the subject by Reza Yavari (Network Coordinator)
-- Scientific Introduction of the Teams --
10:00 Rudi Bormann and Thomas Klassen (GKSS)
10:15 Asuncion Fernandez (Sevilla)
10:30 Maria Dolores Baro (UAB)
10:45 John Sykes (Oxford)
11:00 Uwe Köster (Dortmund)
11:15 Toni Spassov (Sofia)
11:30 Ĺke Kvick and Gavin Vaughan (ESRF)
11:45 Giovanna Fragneto (ILL)
12:00 Chistiane Poinsignon and Eric Chainet (INPG)
12:15 Stefano Enzo (Sassari)
12:30 Marcello Baricco (Torino)

12:45 LUNCH

Afternoon Session
14:20 Consideration of the recruitment table, advertisement of positions, discussion of available candidates and proposed recruitments.
Discussion of the coupling of the recruitments of pre-doc YRs (training).
Discussion of the Network web-page to be created.
15:15 Discussion and coordination of the scientific programme (research)
16:00 Coffee Break
16:20 Discussion of the next ESRF and ILL rounds of experiments: choice of experiments, sample preparations and planning of participations.
16:50 Discussion on the next meeting (location, date)
17:10 Closure

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