University of Oxford

Department of Materials

Scientist in Charge:

Dr. John Sykes
e-* john.sykes@materials.oxford.ac.uk

Performers' Staff:

Prof. Amanda Petford-Long
Professor in Materials
e-* amanda.petford-long@materials.ox.ac.uk

Young Researcher:

Mauro Porcu
PhD Student
e-* mauro.porcu@materials.ox.ac.uk

Postal Address:
Department of Materials
University of Oxford
Parks Road

The work in Oxford will focus on using transmission electron microscopy to study the effects of admixtures and processing on fine-scale microstructure, together with electrochemical characterization of hydrogen uptake and release.

John Sykes has worked on many aspects of corrosion and protection of metals and is currently studying organic coatings using Scanning Kelvin Probe, Scanning Acoustic Microscopy and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. He has also applied electro-chemical methods to the study of aluminium-air batteries and solid electrolyte fuel cells.

Professor Petford-Long leads a group examining the correlation of microstructural and magnetic (or optical) properties of thin films with applications in information storage. The main characterization tool is TEM, including in-situ techniques to study magnetisation mechanisms (Lorentz microscopy) in magnetic thin films, and crystallization kinetics (in-situ TEM annealing) in phase-change optical films and optical nanocomposite films.

There will be 2 posts within the Research Training Network; one pre-doctoral (nominally 2y) and one post-doctoral (6 months). Recruitment is in progress.

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