U. of Torino

UniversitÓ di Torino

Scientist in Charge:

Prof. Marcello Baricco
e-* baricco@ch.unito.it

Performers' Staff:

Prof. Giuseppe Riontino
Prof. Livio Battezzati
Dr. Paola Rizzi
Dr. Alberto Castellero

Postal Address:
Laboratory of Metallurgy
Dipartimento di Chimica I.F.M.
Universita' di Torino
Via P. Giuria, 9
I-10125 Torino

The Laboratory of Metallurgy at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino has focused its activity on metastable alloys produced by rapid solidification and mechanical alloying.

Current projects of the group include:

  • Nanocrystalline materials by crystallization of amorphous alloys
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic models for nanocrystalline phases formation
  • Materials for Giant Magnetoresistance
  • Au-Cu electrodeposited alloys
  • Thermal analysis of solidification in cast iron
  • Selenide glasses for optical fibers
  • Electrocatalysis of early-late transition metals alloys for the hydrogen evolution reaction
  • Ti-based composites
  • Precipitation reactions in Al-based alloys
The training can include:
  • Synthesis of amorphous ribbons with a laboratory scale melt spinning for the rapid solidification from the melt
  • Synthesis of bulk amorphous alloys with a vertical furnace for the casting in a copper mould
  • Analysis of thermal stability and phase transformations by DSC and High Temperature DSC
  • Structural and microstructural analysis by X-Ray Diffraction (Bragg-Brentano and Thin Film attachments), TEM, High resolution TEM, SEM
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling

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